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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  July 26, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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faith of credit of the united states and protecting america's soldiers act. debra, her option" finally, caught red-handed". our viewer winner is travis. his caption is" hey, guys, look, i'm a bug on a windshield". >> oh. >> nice job, travis. and >> tonight america in crisis. >> this is no way to run the greatest country on earth. >> the prospect of the united states risking default is horrible to consider. cataclysmic potentially to our economy and the global economy. >> i'll ask jay carney and pat tombey, what happens now? >> and one of the fun yift people on have the have the. i have a bone to pick with him. when i was on have the have the this happened. >> an old man sitting on his [ bleep ]?
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one of us is in his 50s. and the other isn't, ladies. >> tonight you're on my show, mr. lopez. old man. we'll see what happens, shall we? is it a good thing being single at 50? or is it fraught with pit falls and potholes? >> well, i'm 50. so i think i'm fraught with pit falls and potholes. if you look at my face, i'm a little indian. a little sanjay gupta but then a little mexican as well. i'll not native-american enough to get a casino but do i black out when i drink occasionally. >> good evening. if washington can't get its act together and soon, this country runs a risk of unprecedented national default. it would lead to rising interest rates and the rising karla. you might not get a car loan and your 401(k) could take a hit. what is your government doing
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about it? the white house presecretary jay carney joins me now. i can imagine the white house is pretty busy right now. how are you seeing the next few days playing out? it seems to neutral observers that we were watching a high stake game of brinksmanship last night. somebody has to blink, don't they? >> wshlg look, piers, the reason the president spoke to the nation last night. he fell it was very important that the american people understand what is happening here in washington. a lot of times the debates we here sound like food fights. and people go about their business and just assume that in the end, washington will do the right thing to make sure that the government continues to function and that we maintain the full faith and credit of the united states. that go to the heart of the matter. as you mentioned, we are moving fast toward a deadline beyond which the united states will no longer have borrowing authority. if that were to come to pass for the first time in our his trirk
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interest rates would go up. a lot of bad thing would happen. we believe, we are optimistic that congress will eventually document its senses if you will. come together and create a bipartisan compromise to raise the debt ceiling and also to significantly reduce the deficit. >> what is concerning the experts down in washington is the kind of implacable nature of this debate right now. and the suspicion, a lot of is it geared toward the fact we have an election year coming up. the republicans are taking a bit of a punt, some of them. if there is a default. that could back fire on the president. the poll would suggest us not necessarily the case. if there was a default, the public may blame the republicans. either way, one thing the public are definitely getting very, very angry about is what they see as political posturing. how confident can you be to the american public that a deal will get done? >> well, we are confident the
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president is confident, if you will, sanity will prevail. while there are certain members of congress who seem to think that defaulting on our obligations for the first time in our history wouldn't be such a serious thing, we couldn't disagree more strongly. and those folks, we believe, are in the minority. most of the elected member of congress understand that there is no option here. we have to take the necessary action to ensure simply that we pay the bills that we've already run up. this was not about when we talk about raising the debt ceiling. this is not about giving money to the government to spend on future obligations. this is simply about paying the bill that congress has already put on the credit card. and we have never defaulted on our obligations, the united states of america, in our past and we cannot start now. the consequences would be grave for every american. that's why we have to move. congress has to put aside the partisan rituals and come together and accept a compromise
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that nobody likes 100%. but is good enough to get through congress, to get support from democrats and republicans. land on the president's desk and be signed into law. >> this word compromise is the key word here. everyone is using. the president used it numerous time last night. you yourself suggested that we were pretty close to compromise between the preand speaker boehner. they both talked in a very long way about each other and they shared this golf course in a long way. what went on here? it seems to everybody we were very close to a deal. and these two men were getting on very well. then boom, it all seemed to splinter. what happened? >> well, there were as you said, serious negotiations between the president and the speaker of the house. the republican speaker of the house. obviously, they don't agree on a number of issue. their big differences and principle differences. each gentleman was convinced there was a way to reach
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compromise. we came very close. that involved tough political decisions. it included a willingness to cut deeply in our discretionary spending. a willingness to reinform our entitlement programs and a willingness by republicans to find savings in our pentagon budget and saving tlus tax code to raise revv neufville that is what was on the table. we came very close. and we never walk away from those negotiations. we never issued any ultimatums and we believe that that grand compromise is still available if there is political will to do it. the reason why it ended, we brief, it is politically painful for everybody. the president realized he would take a lot of political heat if we got this grand bargain from his own party. certainly the speaker of the house might have. the president was willing to do
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that because he thought it was the right thing to do. we implore the speaker and other republicans to be willing to do that as well. look. if a grand bargain isn't possible now, we can still achieve something significant. and whatever we achieve in temperature of deficit reduction, even if it doesn't include entitlement reform and tax reform, it has to include one thing. it has to remove the cloud hanging over our economy right now and causing all this uncertainty. the uncertainty about whether or not we will continue as the united states of america to honor our obligations and pay our bills. that has to happen and it has to happen before august 2. >> jay carney, i wish you all great good luck with this. i think you owe it to the american people to get this done and i hope that you do. thank you for joining me. >> thank you, piers. it is increasingly possible that congress will not make a deal to raise the debt ceiling by august 2. so he is pushing to build the interest on the debt. send out social security checks
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and pay active duty military. and senator toomey joins me now. you clearly believe we are headed for a default. >> there is no situation on which we'll defall on our debt. the treasury won't admit that publicly but they are making private phone calls to big investors acknowledging, they'll make sure they don't default. it is not something i am hoping for. i have said from the beginning, i hope we can find a solution that will allow to us trays debt limit and aroid the disruption that will occur. but nobody can guarantee that. that's why i think the only responsible thing to do is to have a plan b. one in which we would priority ties most vital payments. make sure they are made in full on time. the service of our debt so we don't have a catastrophic
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default. social security payments to seniors so they can know they'll get the payments they've earned through their own contributions and payment to active duty military. the men and women who are risking their lives for us deserve that insurance. >> senator, it is very laudable, what you're saying but there is a contradiction there. if there is no risk of a default in your eyes, why are you wasting time making the provisions? >> you're putting words in my mouth. i didn't say there is no rick of a default. there is no rick. there is a risk that we won't be able to pay all the obligations. we would pay our debt service. we would pay social security, active duty military. there are departments in this government that wouldn't be fully funded. until we reach a solution and raise the debt limit, we would have this awkward period which is why i'm not advocating it. i still think we ought to differentiate between really vital items and the thing we have to wait on until we have a
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solution. >> most i'm i've talked to think that although it is a catastrophic situation, it is unlikely we'll end in default and we're seeing political posturing at its most ferocious. much more worrying for the long material economy of america is the possibility of america's credit rating being brought down. if that was to happen, and we are hearing this could happen even before august 2. that would be very serious, wouldn't it? >> i think it would be. and it is very problem attic. the rating agencies have been clear. they will downgrade our debt if we don't do enough to fix the fundamental structural problem with overspending and massive deficits. one of my biggest worries is that we'll raise the debt limit without the spending cuts and structural reforms that we badly need. if we do that, we'll have a downgrade of our debt despite having raised the debt limit. >> you are one of the people who signed on to the pledge.
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no tax increases whatsoever under any circumstances. surely when you get to a situation like this with all the doomsday scenario that's could unfurl, you have to consider the unthinkable, don't you? he didn't last nature on my show. i would think all right-minded republicans have to be open to the possibility that you have to raise taxes. >> that i think will do doog our economy. in time it will move to us a second-tier tower. we have double spending since two thoufl we have increased spending. spending that was at or below 20% of gdp is now almost 25% of gdp. the rate structure, the tax regime we have had us in 2007 with a nearly balanced budget. a deficit of only 1.2% of gdp. the problem isn't that we're undertaxed. we are spending way too much. if we don't come to grips with
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that, any number of debt increases won't be the problem. >> the president spoke strongly of compromise. compromise means that the people on both sides of this argument to have give a little waffle do you think they will have to give? >> i've argued from the beginning that we ought to be willing to raise it by the full amount the president asked. even getting him past his election as he is very insistent on if he will do just one thing. agree with us to put our federal bougt a path to a balanced budget. when bill clinton was president in the 1990s, he accepted the premise we ought to go for a balanced budget. we argued for a while about how long it should take to get there. together the republican congress they got there. it happened because president clinton was willing to accept that premise. president obama rejects that premise. doesn't think we need or ought to have a balanced budget. and i think that's the
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fundamental disconnect. if he would agree to this, there would be a great deal of compromise on how quickly we get there. >> thank you very much indeed. >> thanks for having me. coming up next, a man who is as opinionated as he is funny. ♪ let me entertain you
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♪ let me make you smile ♪ let me do a few tricks ♪ some old and then some new tricks ♪ ♪ i'm very versatile ♪ so let me entertain you ♪ and we'll have a real good time ♪
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unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. george, welcome. >> piers, i'm very excited to be here. >> how do you like being interviewed? as a man, you interview so many other people. >> i don't have a problem with it as much as some of the people i work with. i try to be honest. so i do. it's been interesting for me. i've exceeded my own expectations, seriously, of what i had planned out when i first started in the business. so it is all fun. >> don't you find as you get more famous and successful, being very honest and candid is
9:17 pm
problemattic? >> you're your own boss. you are in an enclosed area i try my best to curtail people using there cameras or video cameras some things are just meant for that particular room. it has chase someday very good comedians out of clubs. >> your stand-up routine has pushed boundaries. do you find constant conflict between those two roles? >> it is interesting. as a child growing up, and a lot of our great sitcom come from british shows. carroll o'connor created a character that you could probably not do today. everybody is so safe. but in a sense, social comary has, from comedians has been what people look forward to. dick gregory, lenny bruce, there has been, chris rock, there has been a huge list of comedians that have fallen into that.
9:18 pm
and you need to think as you progress further in years, that window shuts. >> a new world now on this tv late night war zone. urn very gracious in welcoming conan. you describe jay leno as the biggest two-faced dude and a back stabber. >> was that me? >> i'm afraid so. >> you know, i will say this. i do not have a personal relationship with jay leno. we are not friends. nor have we ever been friendly. i've heard some things said about me by him that i took exception to. >> like what? >> you know, there were things that he said that i was not appropriate to people of my own color. which i found disingenuous from somebody else. that's a pretty big chip to pull out. and i disagreed with that. >> what did he mean by that, do you think? >> i think when you understand the material, you understand it.
9:19 pm
when you don't get it, you might think i'm negative toward my own people. >> it struck me as strange. he's always been unbelievably core just. he has a chat, a cup of coffee. yet he seems to attract from all his competitors extraordinary amount of anti-pathy. >> there is not a union of super heroes among late night talk shows. i just met david letterman for the first time. i've known conan for a whifl i know jimmy kimmel, i know craig ferguson. and to a man, i think the one thing that we all agree on is we're all not crazy about jay leno. >> why is that? >> i have no idea. >> fascinating. i think in our own personal dealings with him, some people get along and some people don't. >> is he. more competitive than people realize?
9:20 pm
>> i don't know if competition is the right word. i think he is more interested in e else than he should be. >> do you think he sees you as a threat? >> no, no. listen, i'm struggling to maintain my -- >> doesn't everybody in the end in this game, don't you all aspire to "the tonight show"? isn't that the holy grail still? >> if you ask me personally, you didn't ask me, who i thought should have been the host of tonight show. when johnny carson left, which i was fortunate enough to do that show with him in 1991. i thought the heir apparent was david letterman. >> how did you feel when conan and jay had their huge split? >> well, you know, personally in my opinion, i don't think that "the tonight show" should have been offered to conan o'brien. i think they probably should have kept jay in there. he was doing well. the ratings were great.
9:21 pm
when they made that move, and conan was happy at 12:30 and he was doing all right. i think they messed with a formula that was already fine as it was and then it shook up everything he will. as a result, neither of them talk to each other at all. >> that at all. >> complete silence. it a shame. >> it is. this business is a game. when you're done with the show, you take your uniform off and you go home and you may again tomorrow. >> i want to may a clip from when i was on. >> i'm not sure they're all here for juror. >> i will see you on your show. i'll taping your show on friday. to air at another time. >> you are. >> i love it. >> and nothing is off limits. >> you're going to to get it, lopez! >> so george, nothing is off limits. >> that was apparently said. i think i was misquoted. >> i deliberately replayed that.
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we're going to do something my mother never did for me. >> you're going to breast feed him? >> we're going outside the family and get somebody to help. we're going to get him a tutor. >> you don't need a tutor. you know, having a dumb kid, is
9:26 pm
nothing to be ashamed of. i was not. >> that was the george lopez show. your life is completely fascinating. i had no idea about most of your life. and when i met you a few time, let's find out more about george lopez. i read up about you and i was quite shocked, actually what you had been through. you talk about troubled comedians. your life was beyond that. i read this quote here. i was never encouraged or congratulated by anybody or included in anythingism didn't come from a home where people asked, did you have a good day or cared what i was doing or what i wanted to be. i fill that void with the laughs and adulation from doing comedy. i have other comedians talking about a lack of love in their early lives which led them to seek applause and affirmation from an audience. never quite as stringing as you seem to have done. >> of all the comedians i've met, i don't think any had the situation i had. i never knew my father. my mother was epileptic and
9:27 pm
illiterate. >> they both left before you were like 10 or 11 years old. >> yeah. and it was difficult for her to be around. mentally she was probably like an 8-year-old. and when you have a child like, that it didn't matter to her what i did. and if i would have been raised by her, i'm not sure what would have happened to me. there are a lot of stories about me being neglected and left at my grandmother ended up taking me. my grandmother wasn't much better. a very hard woman. hard life. but ultimately wouldn't let anybody mess with me. and even though there was the negativity, she never learned to be positive. everything i tried to do for her was met with negativity. and i took her one time to see her house toward the end of her life. i was redoing the house for her. i walk in and she said it looks horrible. and it wasn't done. but to her, it just wasn't, nothing was ever enough. i kept trying. and i remember going home and
9:28 pm
sitting on the edge of the bathtub tsing, that is the only person in my life that could ever make me feel like i'm 10 years old again. no one else. >> that's heart breaking. >> it hasn't been easy. it is very difficult. you have success and you have people that love you. but then you have to make sure that you appreciate it when no one taught to you appreciate it. that's the hardest thing i think i deal with. >> neither your parents nor your grandmother ever told you they loved you? >> no, no. the only encouragement i got that i never forgot, it is amazing how different my life would have been if i had gotten it every day. there was a guy who came to our elementary school. probably we were probably in third grade. and he was a aaa or aa baseball player for the baltimore orioles. he said if you stay in school and you stick to what you want to do, you can be anything. it came from somebody i didn't know at an assembly at my school that most of them weren't paying attentionism listened.
9:29 pm
i'm not perfect but i've always tried to do what inherently i was meant to do. >> would you like to be loved by lots of people now. in the way that you are. >> that's an interesting question. i appreciate it but i don't think it is a need like when i might have said that. >> it is a different kind of love. these people don't really know. >> they don't know you. >> do you feel damaged by your upbringing still? >> if i was a can at the store, if i was a can of soup at the store, i would have a dent in me and i would be in that basket that they have at the end of the hall that says these are 99 cents. everything in the can. that's how i would have considered myself i saw sea biscuit interestingly enough years ago. the day that i did my first why are you crying special. and there is a line in there. it says just because something is damaged, you don't throw it away. and i never heard that either. so what i'm trying to say to you, i've gotten my life lessons
9:30 pm
from movies. >> interestingly, your grandmother did say to the new york time in 2002 that she was proud of you. did you remember that? and how it made you feel? >> yeah, i remember. i remember the headline. a life so sad that it had to be funny. that was toward the end of the my grandmother's lucidness. and yeah, it made me feel good. she was the one that whether good or bad, i loved the most. >> at least she was there. right? >> at least she was there. >> your parents loved you. she stayed. she may not have been perfect by a long way and clearly wasn't able to express the kind of love and care that you might have wanted. but she didn't abandon you. >> she did not. and when it came time for her funeral, i cremated her. and i kept a little bit of her with me i couldn't let -- somebody asked me why.
9:31 pm
and i can't be without her. >> really. where do you keep that? >> i keep her in my dressing room. i look at her every day. >> really? >> yeah. >> when do you look at her, what do you think? >> i think that i wasted, i think that i wasted a lot of time not seeing her when i should have spent more time with her. that goes for all people i should have spent more time with her when she was alive. whether she was lucid or not. and it wasn't until the end that i really appreciated all of the fims we spent together and missed all the times that we could have spent together. >> is there anything you wished you had said to her that you never got the chance to? >> i wish i would have told her that there was nobody that loved her more or anybody that would have protected her more than me. and that when she wasn't around, that i would think of her every day. and never forget her. >> do you ever think about your parents? are they something you blanked out?
9:32 pm
>> on father's day this year, a friend of mine, we had just come back to town myself daughter was in costa rica, not with me on father's day. i'm a huge golfer and the u.s. open is always hold sunday, father's day. and he was fortunate, he was nice enough to spend an afternoon with me knowing that i would be by myself. and as we're watching roy mcelroy win and hug his father, i looked over at him. and i said the one thing that i regret in my life was not having a father. i think every boy should have a father. not a father figure about it would have been nice to have had a father. >> a short break. and come back and talk to you more about your life. it has been a pretty extraordinary journey for you. >> thank you. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight.
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you finally did meet and fall in love with someone. your he can wife. you were together 17 years. what did marriage bring you given all that you had been through? >> you know, anne was great. anne came from a family that was very connected. both her parents were doctors. i always used to say we're opposites. both our parents were doctors and mine never went to the doctor. so she brought a sense of family
9:37 pm
and of home, you know. and in the holidays were important to her. very important. every hospital. and it is great for my daughter to grow one that. i battled that in the beginning, going over the top or a tree or spending a week to do the lights. and doing the lights together as a family. it is all, it was all very different for me and hard for me. >> something you had never been used to. then you blank that had out and that that's not for me. >> yeah. and she was giving, very giving of other people and very considerate of her friends and things like that. i was fortunate enough to be married to her for 17 years. as marriages go, it was fun. we used to look at each other and laugh and we had nothing when we started. so it was a great period, you know. it's funny because i look at pictures of us.
9:38 pm
and it does seem like another life. it seems like another life. you had this extraordinary time when you needed a kidney. >> right. >> and she gave you one of her kidneys. you filed for divorce. people were a bit surprised given that you seemed like such a perfect couple and you got a lot of flak. >> i've taken a lot of hits. >> how much of the flak was deserved? how much do you think was unfair? >> you know, the kidney thing created an awareness of kidney disease but also a wife giving a gift to her husband which i've run into a lot of people that have done that. we have personalities that are very big, you know. and she is funny and she is great. and i would honestly say to you that i deserve a lot of the hits that i got.
9:39 pm
>> was it unfair in the sense that because of the kidney thing, one in three marriages fails. because of the kidney thing, it put you both on this pedestal of marital purity. there could be no greater thing a woman could do for her man. so therefore, you had to be the heartless rat even though it was years later. i got a sense of that. >> exactly. >> you had no way out of this. >> i had no way out. there is a lot of complexity to a gift. and a lot of times, most times they don't like donors to meet because they would like it to be an anonymous thing. because there is an expectation that goes i know what giving the gift of life. >> did you ever in the heat of the arguments you must have had building to the divorce, did you ever their the immortal words, i want my kidney back? >> not quote/unquote in those
9:40 pm
terms. but it did come up, piers. it is, you know, i am a, as we all are. when you're an entertainer and i don't want to blame entertainment. i don't want to blame creativity. but when you grow up a certain way, unfortunately, i was not equipped with a lot of the tools that a person would need to be a, a partner. >> are you emotionally fragile do you think? you're pretty complicated? >> i don't think i'm emotionally fragile. i think i'm emotionally closed off. it is one of the reasons why i think you can be so successful in business themselves ask you do you ever get nervous in business. the answer is. no yeah, sometime i'm scared to death. with you're that closed off, it is difficult for peel to get through the barrier. i smile and love what i do but it is not who i am.
9:41 pm
my personality has taken hits but the real person inside is much different than the public persona. and unfortunately there aren't a lot of people that get to see that because i don't trust a lot of people. and i never have. it's not new i never have. i'm not incorporating myself in someone's lives like someone else box there are time i go through a weekend and my phone won't ring. in order to be a friend, it is a two-way street. >> really. >> yeah will. >> how do you feel about that? >> it is a problem for me. and i do miss times when, because i work so much, and i think i hide it in work. you can sit outside somewhere. i have a nice home in pebble beach. when i sit out there, you get a chance to be a normal person without work and without things that go along with work. and i don't do enough of that. i think if i did enough away from work, it would make me,
9:42 pm
give me a little more normalcy. but i do have really good friends. >> when your divorce came through very recently, you had just turned activism you're single, foot loose and fancy free. >> foot loose and fancy free. >> is it a good thing being single at 50? or is it fraught with pit falls and pothole? >> well, i'm 50. so i think i'm fraught with pit falls and potholes. i'm not a dater and i'm not interested in ever being remarried. >> what are you going to do? you don't date or get remarried. are you going to be a monk? >> tylenols and pms. i'll not sure. that is a good question. i think i'm going to take a little period of time to assess the good and the bad in my life. and hopefully make good decisions. >> how has your daughter been through the whole divorce? >> it has been a little difficult for her.
9:43 pm
there's not anybody that i love more with all my heart. she inherited the love i have for my grandmother. she is a good girl and very funny. and i regret that i've put my daughter in a position where -- >> this is a tricky age. 15? >> she was 14. see 15 now. >> a tricky age for a girl to watch, obviously an only child as well. >> it is tricky for her but she knows that i love her. that i tell her all the time that she is the most important thing in my life. and it is interesting because so many people think that they know somebody. i love that i live from the wall in and not the walls out. >> do you think you're a good father? >> i always wanted a father. i don't think i've been the father to my daughter that i wish the father i would have had. i could do better. >> it's not too late though. >> it's not too late. >> do you think you have it in you?
9:44 pm
you talk about this emotional closure you have. do you think you have it in you to be the father you would like to be? >> for her, yes. it is my only unconditional love. so yes, i would say yes. >> i have a break. come back and talk politics with meism want to know your view on america original obama, on the debt crisis. [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahead of her class.
9:45 pm
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>> the low bama. making a little joke, we think it was a joke on my favorite morning show, good day l.a. people did actually blee you. >> they did. i got messages from everybody. >> did it make you think twice? did you think, if you just got the hispanic vote in l.a. you would probably get in. >> i would like to think i would get the hispanic vote. and i'm that ruling that out. not now but in eight years. i even ran into a candidate running for mayor now and told
9:49 pm
her that i'm going to attempt to run for mayor of look. >> why would you seek public office? >> this is a great city and it is my city. i believe that there are certain things that can be taken care of that you don't need a strong political background in. >> like what? >> the streets are terrible. and it is unsafe in some areas. and people ignore though things. downtown can be as viable as new york city. and in some areas, it has. but that architecture downtown is beautiful. and people live here but they don't have a pride in los angeles that they did years ago when i was growing up. >> i want to play you a clip. you were a big supporter of president obama. and i want to play what you then said about him here. >> the latino vote now has become a very powerful tool in politics. and i think we'll both agree that it is not something we'll give to you because you're
9:50 pm
running for president and supported you the first time. you'll have to earn the vote. >> with carlos there. it suggest to me that you're disappointed with obama's performance. >> i'm disappointed with his performance as far as immigration goes. if you would have asked me if i were president, i'm be sure i would have started with health care when the economy seems to be the bigger issue at that time. am i happy that country is going broke? no. do i think barack obama has done a good job? absolutely. i think he's got an better job than he's gotten credit for. >> you said on immigration elect sarah palin as president of u.s. in town 12 and we'll all leave voluntarily. >> i agree. if sarah palin becomes president at any point, i will say allegedly, i move to canada. i will go further north. i've been south. >> you would literally leave the united states of america? >> why would you be so drastic? >> i lie my politician toss actually have a political
9:51 pm
background to be politically -- to know politics, to actually have inher itted something from working in the political world. >> why is someone like sarah palin so popular with so many people, do you think? how does she resonate with people? what is she giving them they're not getting from conventional politicians? >> you know, is it that maverickness? is it that homespun kind of andy griffith wink your eyes shoot the imaginary gun thing? maybe. is it just that we've become a culture of personality? do we elect somebody by their smile instead of by their content? it's a little bit of all of that. >> do you find it quite scary? >> i think it's scary to me now politically. and addressing the immigration thing again with carlos santana. we feel like whether we're here, there are more people in the united states here legally than illegally. but there is a service provided
9:52 pm
that no one else wants to do. and that is run the country from the ground up. i see it in the neighborhood that i live. in all the people that come to work -- and you can't have it both ways. so if there is a way of a path towards citizenship and there's that divide where those people don't trust authority figures. it's very broken. and i understand why barack obama didn't want to deal with it in his first term. not guaranteeing the second term, but that vote, that latino vote is very important to him. >> and what is the simple best way of getting some way to resolving it? >> you have to make us feel like we're important in the united. you can't make us feel like we're invisible. if i see television, piers, it's as black and white to me as the day it was invented. you can't ignore the largest demographic in the united states is latino. we don't see them in advertising. we don't see them in anchors much we see them in television shows in spanish. my show struggles for ratings
9:53 pm
and struggles for publicity when other shows get publicity and get nominated for emmys and do all of those things. i understand. it's a condition. >> one in six americans are now considered to be latino. >> absolutely. and with that comes power. power comes in economically. we do have a lot of resources. but we're not together. if we ever really got together it would be interesting to see. >> as that latino population increases, of course, the power base of that electorate increases. >> right. >> you've said you might flirt with the mayorship of los angeles. have you got bigger political aspirations? >> actually, no. then the background check gets more intense. >> when we come back, george, i've got an exclusive sneak peek from your latest big screen project. >> okay. act my age? -why? -why? -why? [ female announcer ] we all age differently. roc® multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. lines, wrinkles, and sun damage will fade.
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>> have an smurfy day. >> i kissed smurf and i liked it. >> they're giving you gold here. >> thank you. >> master winslow, you'll know it's the right message if it comes from the heart, right, smurfs? >> yeah, of course. >> welcome to my world. exclusive look at george lopez as grouchy in the new smurfs movie coming out this friday. brilliant cast. i mean, neill patrick harris, eva longoria. you didn't get to see them in the filming? >> i didn't get to see them. hank asadia is brilliant with the movie. i did not. when you're recording you're
9:58 pm
just with a director and producer. it's probably the only profession in boilhood where you don't need a shower before you show up to work. yeah. but i quite enjoy it. i've been able to because of the schedule that i maintain to do more animated work, more voiceover work. >> you've done five animated feature films. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. it's almost like a reluctant movie star. these things -- was it valentine's day that was number one and rio was number one? smurfs? >> if you can relive -- you've had a pretty checkered life. if you can relive one moment again, what would it be? >> you know, it's interesting because i was a huge freddie prinze man of "chico and the man". it actually inspired me. it ignited something in me when
9:59 pm
i was 12 years old that i'd never felt before, which was a love of a performer that kind of looked like me, that was latino at a difficult time and was a friend in the house where i had no friends. i wrote a letter to nbc asking for tickets to see "chico and the man". and i asked my grandmother if she would take me. and she said that she would. and then on the day of the event, i didn't go. because she wouldn't take me. and then he committed suicide i think two years after. i'm friends with his widow kathy and his son. but the one thing for me inherently because i would have liked to have seen him with my own eyes. >> we've discussed pretty heavy stuff today, george, which was enlightening because you're just known as this fun guy on tv and then you find out there are so many more layers to you. >> i'm not perfect but i am